The plan

The van built / move into a motor home. 2020/2021.

Here we keep tabs on our plans both chronologically and comprehensably.

Update July 24th, 2019

Bild von Wokandapix auf Pixabay

Due to my wrist injury, operation and ongoing recovery, the past weeks presented me with some time to leaf through catalogues, adopt or alter some good ideas from others and to have some thoughts of a general nature regarding this project.
Perhaps I tend to “overplan” many things already violating the “just-do-it-and-see-what-happens” concept. So, for starters, there is a 2D drawing, where the room feel and the general layout are visualized within a rather accurate scale.
I also enjoy working with “mindmaps”, where thoughts can be brought into more or less logical relationships:

By this time there are a few of these maps, e.g. a map of individual wishes. ideally, these individual wishlists of the areas “Volker” and “Claudia” will eventually merge into the area “Volker & Claudia”…

The map “What items belong into a van” is just a loose collection of things in question – without evaluation. One has to start somewhere.

(Sorry, I have not translated the documents themselves yet – perhaps I will in the future…)