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Die Firma Heatsys – sehr gerne wieder!

Nach meinem überschaubaren Fritz-Berger Erlebnis, gibt es heute mal lobenswerte Neuigkeiten. Durch einen YT Artikel werde ich auf die niedersächsische Firma Heatsys aufmerksam, die Komplettkits für die Erweiterung einer bestehenden Diesel-Standheizung um einen Wasserboiler...


Hollywood – here we come!

Finally. After a lot of delays (because something was always more important again) now our first YouTube video about our Crafter. Enjoy. And BTW: Liking, subscribing, commenting and sharing are expressly encouraged!


Have a rice day!

Rice. Always a treat. Before the current pandemic, I was more of a convenience-driven individual and part of the instant rice society – I have now discovered rice in the tournament pack without plastic...


My Van Search – Take: Five

Still depressed from the last viewing of the afternoon, I’m sitting with Claudia, it is close to 7:00 p.m. On the cell phone I sort myself for the evening – TV program without anything...