Byebye, HostPapa

It’s been just about a year, since I contributed a post titled “Vom Fahrradfahren auf der Datenautobahn” (riding the data highway on a bicycle), writing about my dealings with HostPapa. The circumstances have not been resolved – as expected.


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During the last few days things escalated and I have told HostPapa, that I had my fill of this crap.

Again they argue, that, in February, some 1,526 visitors have called up 7.9 pages each. And, aside from that, there would be something missing in my WordPress configuration file (note: This was installed with the current version and the default WordPress configuration using HostPapa’s cPanel program) causing repeated access to some WordPress file, that would create totally unacceptable traffic. Like I said – it’s all within a default configuration.

So they tell me to get busy and follow their instructions, otherwise they would “negatively impact” the performance, meaning: throttling the bandwidth, making access virtually useless. That would be closely followed by a suspension of the account, meaning: denying all access. They set ultimatums, but in the same breath they are plugging their VPS, that would not have any bandwidth restriction. Sounds like blackmail to me – even if only implied. Not very stylish. This package would also ring up to $ 600 / year. Crazy canucks.

This won’t end well – so I proceed to backup my entire site (incl. databases) and download (a mere 1,7GB) the lot – now I am in the “red zone” for certain, but I just don’t care any more. Went to Strato, booked and setup the following package as a precautionary measure:

  • V-Server Linux V30, with 6 CPU vCore, 16GB RAM and 300GB SSD (optionally 8GB RAM and 600GB SSD), connect up to 500 MBit/s and “unlimited traffic” for € 9 per month

  • Registering of the domain “”

  • Setup of a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with Plesk management.

  • Setup a WordPress database and transmitted the backup. Corrected hyperlinks and 2 or 3 additional settings. Finally installed an SSL via Let’s Encrypt. About 3 hours of work, system online and faster than ever before.

As a long standing customer (close to 10 years) I then made my voice heard and contacted “Eduardo” (the highly appointed “account manager” – working for the “Solutions Team”) by mail reply to step noticably on his toes.

With an unwavering stubborness, the content of my mail is ignored and I receive – after questioning the offered, but vastly overpriced VPS solutions – this argument:

…our VPS plans are more expensive than our competition because we use a world class web hosting industry standard WHM licence and XEN technology to guarantee we do not oversell the resources actually available on our servers and to make sure you have all the promised hardware specs available 24/7HostPapa Support

Let’s clear that up:

  • WHM as an acronym merely describes the C-Panel host control panel – a piece of software in use by plenty others.

  • And a Hypervisor under XEN is Citrix virtual machine management – used just about everywhere.

This is the sales pitch for a VPS, being 4 times the price and still incorporates throttling at HostPapa’s mood and will?

So, enough is enough – I have emptied my directory structure, killed all databases and setup a 301 redirect. This one will remain active until the end of my contract August, 2020. Other than that, all services will be timely and duly cancelled.

The domain “” was part of the contract and the initial setup through HostPapa and is therefore NOT my property. I will now contact the owner Tucows politely to see how I can gain control over this domain name. My expectations in that direction are pretty close to non-existent – we’ll see. After all, this would not be tragic, I can update the few FB and Instagram posts manually, starting in August.

And thus from now on – it’s

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4 responses

  1. Shane says:

    You should be able to create an EPP code in your HostPapa dashboard and request to transfer it out. I’ve just done that with one of my domains, transfering it to namecheap. You unlock your domain, and then click a button to request EPP code.

    • Volker Manns says:

      Thanks for your input on this, Shane!
      I will certainly look into that.
      Best regards from Germany,

      • Bernd says:

        Hi Volker,
        I couldn’t agree with you more. The same thing happened to me. Result: immediate cancellation of the whole package, although the term would still be one year. Hostpapa’s business policy is incomprehensible and absolutely unacceptable!
        Best regards from Littlehampton

  2. Volker Manns says:

    Thanks for your input, Bernd!

    …and best regards from Germany to Littlehampton!

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