Strato – thank you.

Today the total meltdown.

While installing an additional database system, I am tinkering with the server guts, take a wrong turn in the instructions and install an incorrect version of the needed program package.
No sweat, so I follow my first train of thought in a delusionary state of immeasurable overconfidence. A short apt-get remove … and within seconds I have irrevocabily trashed the entire administration module (Plesk) because Plesk is based on that version.

Has anyone see my valium?

Website’s still up in the current state. That’s a good thing. Installed the Updraft Plus Plugin – secured WordPress to my Dropbox (databases and files). Backup arrived.
With this backup I can at least get back to the current WordPress state after a server reinstall.

Serverlogin at Strato. There is a daily routine for an automated backup of the Ubuntu installation and the Plesk administration – lastly completed today at 15:22 as part of their customer service. How fitting at this point. Restore started.

Less than an hour later: Website up, everythink AOK.

Strato is worth every cent. Thank you, Strato.

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